Vans Time-Lapse: PocketWizard




PocketWizard just saved me hundreds of dollars. With eight cameras set up around the studio (including one mounted to the ceiling!) it was impractical to purchase and synchronize intervelometers for each camera to ensure that they were all firing simultaneously during the time-lapse. Instead, I designated one easy-to-reach camera as the main camera and attached a PocketWizard transmitter to it. The other seven cameras were controlled by PocketWizard receivers and a shutter trigger, so that when the main camera fired all the other cameras would fire at once. This set up was by far a more cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution!

If I needed to pause shooting I only needed to stop the main camera, which instantly paused the other seven cameras. If I’d been using eight individual intervelometers, we would have had to run around the studio to pause all eight cameras! I could not imagine having to pause the camera hanging over the set every time we needed to take a break or fix something. If we were to bump the tabletop set, especially, all the camera angles would be affected and we’d have to start the shoot over from the beginning. The key to the success of these crazy shoots is to minimize the opportunity for disastrous accidents. PocketWizard saved the shoot!

Vans Time-Lapse
Born to Roll

I’m no stranger to long shoots. I dream big, and it can take many hours to turn those dreams into reality. For this shoot, I wanted to show Vans BMX shoes being constructed on an assembly line that reflects the shoe’s life — on a bike or on a board, these shoes are born to roll!

I depend on Hoodman gear, with every image, every time.    (read more) 
Using the Lowepro AW Trekker ii to help organize all the gear    (read more) 
Syncing multiple cameras to help make this project possible   (read more)
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The Vision
Challenges, Trouble Shooting, and the Triumphs.  (read more) 
Devil in the Details
Pre-Production, Production, and Post.   (read more)
Freeze Frame
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Get The Inside Line
Here’s a sneak peek of whats dropping next…  (read more)


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