Vans Time-Lapse: The Vision



The Vision

Now that I have a few reverse time-lapse projects under my belt, my mind just keeps coming up with new ways to use the technique. For this project, we decided to ditch the paint cans and try something different. After brainstorming some ideas, my team and I decided we wanted to try a reverse time-lapse with a pair of shoes being laced up. I knew we had to push the concept to the next level, so we stayed at the table and came up with the concept of putting the shoes on an assembly line, being assembled like in a factory.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can cause the biggest headaches! We had to take a shoe apart, piece by piece, while rolling the assembly line forward and creating the effect of an endless army of shoes. It was important for us to show each component of the shoe, highlighting the quality construction of the product. It was only fitting that we should use skateboards as the engine of the assembly line, reflecting the brand’s identity as part of skate culture.

With the concept clarified, it was off to the drawing board, the studio and the home improvement store to begin preproduction and figure out how we were going to make this happen.

The Vision
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Devil in the Details
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Freeze Frame
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Vans Time-Lapse
Born to Roll

I’m no stranger to long shoots. I dream big, and it can take many hours to turn those dreams into reality. For this shoot, I wanted to show Vans BMX shoes being constructed on an assembly line that reflects the shoe’s life — on a bike or on a board, these shoes are born to roll!

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