Vans Time-Lapse: Born to Roll


I’m no stranger to long shoots. I dream big, and it can take many hours to turn those dreams into reality. For this shoot, I wanted to show Vans BMX shoes being constructed on an assembly line that reflects the shoe’s life — on a bike or on a board, these shoes are born to roll!

Once again, I have to give a shout-out to my amazing team: Bruce Wheeler, Jr. flew in from Boston, and Jeff Farsai came in from Cali to help out on this shoot. They’re extremely talented individuals, and as a team we can really produce some incredible results. After two back-to-back eighteen hour days, and a total of 36 hours of shooting, these dudes really earned their stripes on this project!

The Vision
Challenges, Trouble Shooting, and the Triumphs.  (read more) 
Devil in the Details
Pre-Production, Production, and Post.   (read more)
Freeze Frame
Wanna see some more info and shots?      (read more)
Get The Inside Line
Here’s a sneak peek of whats dropping next…  (read more)






Vans Time-Lapse
A New Look To GIFs

As you might imagine, these videos make for some mean GIF files! Click through to check out some of these looping animations. They’re wicked, clean and showcase the components of the shoes perfectly.

Joe Morahan
Joe Morahan

Joe Morahan is an innovative and award-winning sports photographer, filmmaker and visual effects artist.


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