Vans Time-Lapse: Rethinking GIFs

As you might imagine, these videos make for some mean GIF files! These looping animations are wicked, clean and showcase the components of the shoes perfectly.

The small size of these GIF files makes them perfect for product pages, where loading time matters you want to show the inside of the product and the quality of its construction. Its a unique way of displaying a product, while leaving the viewer with the perfect final product shot. Each frame of this video can be used as a still frame.


Born to Roll

Vans GIF #1

Take a close up look of this GIF file, showing the close up details of the shoe, and the detailed stitching Vans puts into their shoes. Pretty sick right?


Born to Roll

Vans GIF #2

Here is another quick GIF file showing a top angle of the shoe being built in the factory I created.  It will loop forever!


Born to Roll

Vans GIF #3

Here is a looping file of the Vans logo getting stamped onto the shoe.


Vans Time-Lapse
Born to Roll

I’m no stranger to long shoots. I dream big, and it can take many hours to turn those dreams into reality. For this shoot, I wanted to show Vans BMX shoes being constructed on an assembly line that reflects the shoe’s life — on a bike or on a board, these shoes are born to roll!

The Vision
Challenges, Trouble Shooting, and the Triumphs.  (read more) 
Devil in the Details
Pre-Production, Production, and Post.   (read more)
Freeze Frame
Wanna see some more info and shots?      (read more)
Get The Inside Line
Here’s a sneak peek of whats dropping next…  (read more)

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