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Inspiration Injection;         The Vision
Challenges, Trouble Shooting, and the Triumphs.   (read more) 
The Playboard;                 Devil in the Details
Pre-Production, Production, and Post.   (read more)
Freeze Frame;              The Perfect Frame
Wanna see some more info and shots?      (read more)
Get The Inside Line
Here’s a sneak peek of whats dropping next…  (read more)
Nike Total 90 Tracer Ball

The pressure was high to get everything perfect in a single take because once you start pouring paint, there’s no stopping!

This was definitely a team effort, and it was a great experience working with this group of talented individuals.  I am very proud of all the hard work that went into making this series of creative and unique time-lapse videos. The solutions to each challenge are creative and interesting.

These time-lapse videos were shot on top-of-the-line digital cameras with quality that is nearly impossible to beat.  At 5.6K, the imagery is sharp, clean and very crisp.  Each individual frame is captured at up to 21 megapixels in size, allowing for plenty of editing headroom.  Additionally, still frames from the video can be used as part of a coordinated print campaign. The stills from this shoot are stunning, high-quality images in their own right.

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