Nike Total 90 Tracer Inspiration Injection



Inspiration Injection; The Vision

This video is my second in a series of projects exploring the dramatic effects of poured paint and time-lapse technology. As in my first video, I was inspired to apply an artist’s technique — paint poured over objects — to my commercial work.

For this video, I chose to pour paint over a soccer ball and film it using multiple cameras and time-lapse technology to gradually reveal the ball through the paint — with a surprise at the end.  I wanted to challenge myself and push the techniques I had already begun to explore in my last project. Before we poured the first cup of paint, I was visualizing how the paint would play off the ball, defining its shape and surface.

One of my most important decisions was which soccer ball to use. I decided to use the Nike Total90 Tracer Football, the official 2010-2011 association ball for not only the English Premier League, but for leagues all over the world.  I began to think: How could I show the unity embodied by this one ball, and that it did not matter what country you’re from, what your religious beliefs are, or how you live — people from around the world all use this ball to play the most popular game on earth.  I decided to turn the ball into a map of the world itself! During the time-lapse, I wanted the paint to gradually reveal the ball, spinning around to show the entire world.

With the help of several creative and very talented friends and colleagues, we went to town on this project.  At our pre-production meetings, we put every idea on the table.  These types of projects are breaking new ground — there’s no textbook for what we’re trying to create. We’re battling dozens of interdependent elements including paint flow, equipment and timing.  Collaboration was the key to this project’s success.

I am very proud to present my second time-lapse video in this series. I hope you enjoy the final product!

Inspiration Injection;     The Vision
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Nike Total 90 Tracer Ball

The pressure was high to get everything perfect in a single take because once you start pouring paint, there’s no stopping!

This was definitely a team effort, and it was a great experience working with this group of talented individuals.  I am very proud of all the hard work that went into making this series of creative and unique time-lapse videos. The solutions to each challenge are creative and interesting.

These time-lapse videos were shot on top-of-the-line digital cameras with quality that is nearly impossible to beat.  At 5.6K, the imagery is sharp, clean and very crisp.  Each individual frame is captured at up to 21 megapixels in size, allowing for plenty of editing headroom.  Additionally, still frames from the video can be used as part of a coordinated print campaign. The stills from this shoot are stunning, high-quality images in their own right.

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